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We offer you these services using our own specialized software solutions. Each Solution can be designed as per your choice to get the desired output.



We are not into the business of selling bonds to the retiral funds. Get an UNBIASED opinion and analysis on state finances, sectors, issuers, economy and your investment portfolio. We don’t decide on your investments. We provide you with the ammunition to help you make the best investment decision for your trust. We offer you these services using our proprietary specialized software solutions. Each Software solution can be designed as per your choice to get the desired output. Our high level of interaction with our clients have helped us to inbuilt the best practices of the industry into our Software Solutions

In the present scenario of higher pay outs to the members of the trusts than what is earned by the trust funds, the deficits are ever increasing. Most of the higher yielding securities in your portfolio which were playing the balancing act in the last 5 years of low interest rate regime are up for redemptions in couple of years. With a drastic reversal in interest rates seeming unlikely and given the political compulsions of the current central government to maintain a high pay out rate, the deficits have only one way to go, which is upwards. Adding to the above is a big percentage of portfolio invested in Special Deposit Scheme. Spread between State/PSU papers and comparative GOI bonds narrowing down

This deficit is going to directly impact the company profitability as the company finances the deficit of its employee trust funds. Companies still hold on to the exemption status of their trust funds due to some inherent benefits like loan facility, faster processing of claims etc. available to employees. Dynamics of retirement benefit fund investments is changing due to change in investment pattern and an ever increasing demand for Safety, Liquidity and Returns and Portfolio tracking and analysis is becoming a must for trust funds in this dynamic environment.



We assist families in identifying their stewardship responsibility to true wealth by creating systems, strategies and structure for family and financial empowerment with ongoing accountability to enrich quality of life without giving up choice and control. We advise individuals, families, businesses and institutions in the optimization, protection and empowerment of their human, intellectual and financial assets, thus providing greater clarity, balance, focus and confidence for our clients.

We offer consultancy in the area of General Insurance, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Retirement Planning and Risk Management. For further queries please contact us on

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